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For Members Only: Library debuts in London

The latest foray in London’s busy members only club scene is Library, a book-centered destination with all the usual amenities plus a whole lot more.

It also offers a  boutique hotel on the premises and ”The Kitchen” which will feature rotating menus influenced by the latest cookbooks and will even have the author/chef  occasionally come in and cook. Then there is “Room Seven” with its floor to ceiling bookshelves which will showcase a collection of reading material chosen by select current authors. 

Forbes recently spoke with Ronald Ndoro, the man behind the concept who says one of the main draws of Library will be “the impressive roster of events lined up for members including book readings, live music and literary seminars. Art consultants Tani Burns and Andrew Hancock will curate a revolving series of exhibitions and 19 Greek Street, the design agency who oversaw the interiors of the club, will host dinners for the design community.”

And on what makes the Library different he says, “Obviously the fact that we double as a boutique hotel helps us to stand out. And of course our extensive collection of books. Members can come to read, to work, for a massage, for the gym, for a meal or to sleep!”

Douglas Adams and unidentified man read.


Douglas Adams and unidentified man read.


24-Hour Eslite Bookstore

One of the largest bookstore chains in Taiwan, Eslite was founded in 1989 by Robert Wu and it became the first company to set up a 24-hour bookstore in Taiwan, attracting many night-time readers. When Eslite first opened, it placed emphasis on books in the arts and humanities. Nowadays the company has expanded its range of titles and has opened multiple stores in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The decision to operate a bookshop devoted to Humanities and the Arts was neither an act of impulse nor a brave sense of mission. Rather, it was a commitment that sprang from a heartfelt, personal life experience. After years of being engaged in fiercely competitive business activity, a positive, optimistic, eager and innocent state of mind had become one of cautious and somewhat anxious cynicism. I realized on continued reflection, that I had developed a sense of spiritual lacking and imbalance. Thus, a search to identify a fuller and more complete life began. - Robert Wu

Évolution inversée

"Me tomó cuatro años para pintar como Rafael, pero una vida para pintar como un niño."
― Pablo Picasso


Reading gets in shape the brain / La lectura pone en forma el cerebro (ilustración de Eric Comstock)


Reading gets in shape the brain / La lectura pone en forma el cerebro (ilustración de Eric Comstock)

La muerte de Giorgio Faletti


Enredado en medio del mundial de fútbol, no presté mucha atención a las noticias del mundo literario ni actualicé el blog por un mes. Ahora, vuelvo hacia atrás y me encuentro con dos noticias que no puedo dejar de comentar. La primera es la muerte del cantante, actor y narrador italiano Giorgio Faletti, tremendamente conocido en su país tanto en su faceta de músico (ganó en 1994 un San Remo) como de escritor, carrera que empezó en el 2002 con el thriller y súper bestseller Yo mato. En España estaba empezando a hacerse conocido con las traducciones de Anagrama, que publicó la muy exitosa (y recomendable) Apuntes de un vendedor de mujeres, y una obra breve Tres actos y dos partes. La nota en El País.

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Uno de los grandes problemas de nuestro tiempo, que a todas luces parece preocupar a todos hoy día, es el número creciente de amenazas a nuestra privacidad.

En los términos más llanos, asumimos que “privacidad” significa que todos tienen el derecho a proceder con sus propios asuntos sin que…


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